About us

Huiakama School

Huiakama School is a small, rural school located in the heart of eastern Taranaki. Founded in 1896, the school has served the district for over 100 years. The original school building is still located in the school grounds and is currently used as a community hall, school hall and playgroup. The school role hit its peak in the early 1900’s with close to 50 students. In 1995 a neighbouring district school (Matau) closed and students merged with Huiakama. Today the role is currently 17 and is going to grow to around 20 for the next few years according to projected roles. The school caters for students from Year 1-8.

The families within our community are predominantly sheep and beef farmers, with several dairy farmers close by. The school has a large catchment area with some students travelling up to 45 minutes to get to school. The school owns its own school bus and receives a grant from the Ministry to transport eligible students to and from school.

Meet our Principal

Hi I am Gwenda Pease. I am the principal of Huiakama School, situated just outside of Stratford, Taranaki. Our school is very accommodating for all students, as we all learn differently. Our small numbers mean we can spend quality time ensuring your child is keeping up and growing their knowledge as they should.
Gwenda Pease


“The Huiakama Way”


Safe, secure and nurturing environment


Working together to achieve shared and individual goals


Finding many paths to address our challenges


Striving to be the best we can be in every area


Demonstrating caring and consideration for each other


Learning the skills necessary to embrace our ever changing world


Developing the motivation for life-long learning


Taking ownership of our own roles in education

Recognising New Zealand’s Cultural Diversity:

Huiakama School recognises the importance of New Zealand’s cultural diversity and the unique position of Maori culture. The board demonstrates its recognition of New Zealand’s cultural diversity through:
  • Consultation with our Maori community on charter development.
  • Reflecting the unique place of Maori within our policy documentation and curriculum statements.
  • The continuing development of policies and practices that reflect New Zealand’s cultural diversity.
  • Providing all students with experiences and understandings in cultural traditions, language and local history.
  • The development of a long term plan for the incorporation of Te Reo and Tikanga Maori.
  • Staff using commands and language in the classroom as and when appropriate.

Huiakama School Charter: